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Our Story

I am the daughter of a Hmong soldier, whom fought with the Americans in Vietnam, was evacuated at the end of the war to America and raised a family and became a Pastor. My husband,  a grandson to the daughter of a German farmer whom immigrated to America in the late 19th century.  

Though my husband's and my family history and traditions are different, a common family thread unites us - a father and a grandmother wishing to record their life story and traditions for their children to know who they were.

It seems to my husband and I,  little is remembered beyond a few generations.  A name perhaps. A family tree.  Children ask,  "who is Grandpa?" Yet, there lives in us a strong desire to share stories, wisdom, traditions and history, the good and the bad. This is who we are.  This is who we were.  This is what is important to us.  


In our case, both a father and a grandmother passed without completing their wishes.  We asked ourselves, why?  Time? Help?  We decided to change this so we wouldn't lose anymore what's important to people and families.

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